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Foot and Ankle

The Team

The Foot and Ankle unit at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is a tertiary referral centre. We offer comprehensive surgical and non-surgical care for a wide variety of routine and complex foot and ankle problems.

Our Foot and Ankle surgeons are internationally-renowned and They have published in a variety of high-ranking academic journals and delivered lectures in international conferences. Their specialist area includes Total ankle replacements and Foot and Ankle reconstructions.

Working alongside the Foot and Ankle surgeons are a team of Advanced Podiatric Practitioners (APPs). Their role includes triaging and assessing patients, requesting diagnostic imaging, preparing patients for surgery and reviewing post-operative patients. The APPs also support medical students on placement, audits, research and trainee APP mentorships.

The foot and ankle team are well supported by a team of experienced secretaries.

You will also benefit from the input of other professionals such as sports physicians, interventional radiology, specialist nurses, podiatrist, physios, orthotists and plaster technicians.

Conditions we treat

Achilles tendon Problems

Insertional Achilles tendinopathy

Non insertional (mid section) Achilles tendinopathy (info coming soon)

Shockwave therapy for heel pain

Achilles Tendinopathy High volume injection (HVI)

Physio rehab for Achilles (info coming soon)

Lumps and bumps

Ganglion Cyst

Mucoid cysts removal (info coming soon)

Bony spurs (exosectomy)

Neuromuscular deformities and arthritis

ROH Pes Cavus (info coming soon)

Calf lengthening surgery

Neuromuscular foot (info coming soon)

Tarsometatarsal (midfoot) fusion

Subtalar joint fusion

Triple fusion

Rheumatoid arthritis foot (info coming soon)

Foot drop (info coming soon)

Further information