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Quotes from staff

At ROH we value our volunteers, and our staff appreciate the added value they bring to the hospital.  See what staff have to say.
"We consider our volunteers an integral part of the teaching faculty at the Undergraduate Medical Academy.  They assist in simulated teaching programme of medical students at the ROH which is a critical part of the medical students learning while here on placement.  The aim of our simulated teaching programme is to mimic real world patient consultations.  This helps students to engage in a full range of clinical activities and tasks to help them develop examination and reasoned decision making skills.  Our volunteers help to make this possible!  We hold our volunteers in the highest regard because of the dedication and commitment to the education programme.  The simulated teaching programme would not be the sucess it is without their contribution."
 "Thank you for all the cups of tea and coffee served with a self-less smile.  Thank you for making our patients day a bit better by stopping and talking to them.  Thank you from the staff for giving them a 'breather' on those 'crazy shifts'.  Thank you for giving up your time so generously."
 "I am so lucky to have such wonderful volunteers.  Caring, respectful, helpful and very responsive to patients' needs.  It saddens me when any of them leave due to many reasons and some of them are irreplaceable and know the ins and outs of OPD.
I want to thank them all for their work they do.  I know with the many changes that some don't think they contribute but let me say you are all worth your weight in gold.  Please carry on with your good work.
....that is what you mean to me special people doing what they want to do to help people through their journey in Outpatients.
A big thank you and best wishes from me and all of Outpatients staff."
"They (the volunteers) are all so friendly and approchable and really do a sterling job.  They are definitley part of the team here in OPD and I enjoy working with the ones who are based here very much."