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Providing Safe Care During COVID-19

Our highest priority is providing safe care. COVID-19 means we have to work differently and you have to prepare differently.

Is it safe to visit the hospital?

The risk of contracting COVID at hospital

Even though we are not treating COVID patients at our hospital, you could still come into contact with a person carrying the virus (as you could in the supermarket or any public indoor space). While we are taking every precaution there is still a risk of contracting COVID.

The risks of surgery when COVID positive

We always work hard to provide the safest care possible. We are still in the early stages of understanding this virus and its impact on surgical outcomes. Some reports indicate that if you have an operation while COVID positive or develop COVID while recovering, there is a significant risk that you could end up being ill enough with the virus to need a ventilator on an intensive care unit.

You surgeon will talk to you about the risks when they seek your consent for surgery. Please ask as many questions as you like.

Your choice

Surgery is your choice and always has risks and benefits associated with it. You can decide whether to proceed with your surgery, or delay it and discuss alternative treatment options.

Click here to find a contact number to discuss your options

Mask wearing

We still require masks and visors due to Government guidelines on healthcare requirements for PPE. Masks are proven to reduce virus transmission and the Government still require them in healthcare settings.

More information can be found on the NHS England website here.

If you cannot wear a mask or face visor due to a disability or other reason, please contact your consultant’s secretary to confirm your face-to-face appointment can go ahead.

If you are not medically exempt and refuse to wear a mask or face visor, you will be asked to wait outside whilst we speak to your clinical team. If they agree to see you, you will be accompanied by a member of staff to your appointment location and accompanied out when it is finished.

What if I cannot wear a mask or visor or refuse to?

If you or someone you care for cannot wear a mask or face visor, please contact your consultants secretary to confirm your face-to-face appointment can go ahead.

If you refuse to wear a mask or face visor, you will have to follow a different process:

  • You will be asked to wait outside in the fresh air.
  • Your clinical team will be informed
  • Your clinical team will individually assess your circumstances. If they decide not to treat you (for example if you have COVID symptoms) you will be offered a virtual appointment
  • If your clinical team are happy to see you, you will be accompanied to the clinic room, then accompanied out of the building (this measure is in place to stop anyone from moving through the hospital without a face covering)

Are you allowed to refuse me entry?

We can refuse entry to anyone if we deem it necessary to protect the health of other visitors.

However we always make every effort to accommodate visitors. If you refuse to wear a mask or visor or cannot wear one, we can still offer you treatment.

You are reminded that any verbal or physical abuse directed at our team may result in the cancellation of your appointment and a phone call to the police.

We are here to support you.

Can I discuss my concerns before I arrive?

We are happy to speak with you before you arrive to plan your visit. If you refuse or cannot wear a mask, please contact your consultants secretary as early as possible to discuss this with us: 0121 685 4000.

This will help us make preparations for you when you arrive.

Is there a greater risk if I have surgery at the moment?

The inherent risks of orthopaedic surgery are the same and this will be explained in detail during your consent process. You can ask your surgeon a question and they will be happy to answer.

The risk of contracting COVID exists (as it does everywhere), however, we are taking every precaution possible to run the safest service possible. Your safety is out highest priority.

What will happen if I choose to delay my surgery?

The pandemic has caused waiting lists to grow across the country. If you choose not to proceed with surgery, you may have to wait longer than usual.

You should also consider that your condition may deteriorate while you wait.

Your surgeon can give you advice about your specific condition and the impact of delaying your surgery.

What if another patient has COVID?

As an elective hospital, we are not treating anyone with COVID or COVID symptoms. Every patient will be tested before admission. This decreases the risk of patients having COVID.

However, if a patient becomes symptomatic, they will be immediately moved in to an isolated space. Those involved with their care will sanitise themselves and the area will be deep cleaned. Anyone who has been in contact with them will be screened to ensure they are not positive for COVID.
Will I be allowed visitors?

Yes. Read out latest visitor advice here

If I have concerns during my stay

Please raise any concerns with a health professional, a ward manager. We encourage an open, learning culture and your concern will be taken seriously.

You can also contact our Patient Experience Team team who can support you. 0121 685 4128 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.