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'It Is Amazing!' | A Patient Blog About Our Food

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital was recently mentioned in a newspaper article about food hygiene. Unfortunately, it was rather negative and not based on fact. The truth is that our hospital is extremely clean and hygienic and patients love the food!

But don't take our word for it. Blogger, and mum to a patient at the hospital, Bethy Butler, wrote a piece all about her experiences of the food at our Trust. Bethy and Kieran have been patients here for a long time. Bethy writes a really moving blog about her and her son's experiences which is definitely worth a read. Read on below!

kieran web 2

'Little Dude, Big Attitude' a blog from Bethy and Kieran

Now, The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has been in the press due to food hygiene, it’s a load of rubbish, the Birmingham Mail and other national newspapers apparently have slated the hospital. This is bizarre, as when you check the food hygiene website for Birmingham it ranks a 4 which is more than other local eateries that retail to the public.

It’s our second home over here and Ki loves his food! And he always enjoys ROH meals, either on the ward or in the Café Royale.

After almost 13 years of visits we have seen the facilities literally ‘rise from the ashes’ after a fire gutted the kitchens in 2009. The food was prepared in temporary buildings, and then in a temporary canteen during which time TV chef James Martin worked with staff her to create a new menu to go with the new facilities that took a further 18 months fit into the newly built kitchen/restaurant and the staff took onboard tips and it is successful, not your ordinary run of the mill hospital food – no triangle pre packed sandwiches – freshly made huge baguettes, cooked breakfasts, and main meals that you would expect in restaurants – yesterday my husband treated me to Beef stroganoff – delicious and even put in a container to allow him to bring it up to the ward, today Kieran had beef in mushroom gravy – and at some hospitals kids get nuggets or fish fingers with chips and beans, it is amazing! I just don’t understand where the press get their info!

During the filming of James’s TV show, Kieran spotted him after physio and rolled himself over, and asked him to tell staff he didn’t like potato croquettes – He must have made a lasting impression as later at the Good food show James’s spotted Kieran and invited him to a live BBC Good Food show stage event, where Kieran was presented with a signed chefs coat, his own cooking set and cookbooks signed by the chefs at the show – and Kieran and I were invited to stay at the Talbot Hotel in his home town, Ki was over the moon!

At the hotel, the food was fabulous, and Kieran asked for fish and chips! Not just fish and chips, but hand cooked by James himself! He had a blast! We spent several days and tried so many delicious dishes – in a beautiful hotel! So I am surprised that the same person who worked with ROH staff, creating a fab menu – which they have adhered to – leaving a lasting legacy – at a fantastic hospital has meant negative press – I would invite any member of the press to try the meals – and read the local food standard’s review – I know they would enjoy!

Tomorrow’s menu is chilli con carne for lunch with a choice of sides, and braised lamb for supper – Kieran’s choice! However, he might just fancy a plate of veg some days, or even sliced apples – his fav breakfast and one which the kitchens catered for sending him 5 different types of apple to work his way through!

Today we got Kieran out of bed, a little stroll in his chair to say hi at the Café, and some nice sausages for his hobbit breakfast needs! But after a crazy afternoon with a minor emergency I missed the café as it closes at 6 – so I’ve had a Yorkie and a cup of coffee – I will hopefully make up for that in the morning with a nice full English – if Kieran will let me escape that is, after working so hard today and with a lot of pain – I think we will struggle to move him and the only food I will be getting close to will be the banana (board) for transfers.

Anyway, I’m bloody knackered and hoping to get a bit of sleep as if not, and he is discharged, I will struggle to focus on driving to get him home!

Night night!

You can reead more from Bethy and Kieran here