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We're in the top ten for experience!

In a survey published today by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has been listed in the top ten Foundations Trusts in the country for positive patient experience.

This is fantastic news and confirms what so many of our patients tell us every day.

The survey looked at the experiences of 77,850 people who received care at an NHS hospital in July 2016.

Our Trust was rated 8.9 out of 10. The rating takes into account the number of respondents as well as the scores for all other trusts. This is then used calculate whether a trust is performing better or worse than the majority of others.

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital scored highly for patient experience which is a really important measure. Twenty questions in the 2016 Adult Inpatient Survey contribute to Overall Patient Experience Scores, as outlined by NHS England, and which cover five domains of patient experience:

  • Access and waiting
  • Safe, high quality, co-ordinated care
  • Better information, more choice
  • Building closer relationships
  • Clean, friendly, comfortable place to be

The Adult Inpatient Survey is the longest running survey in the CQC’s NHS Patient Survey Programme (NPSP). Overall this year, the CQC survey found that patients’ experience of hospital care is holding up despite rising concerns in some areas.

Click here to read more about the findings of this survey

Sharing is caring

Sharing your experience when you visit is really important. We listen to everything you tell us and use it to improve how we provide care. If you’re a patient at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, fill in a form or leave a review and tell us what you think.