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Simulated Patient

About the Simulated Patients Programme

A 'Simulated Patient' is a volunteer who pretends to be a patient to help trainee-clinicians improve their communication skills and bed-side manner. For medical students, the opportunity to practice their examination skills in a safe environment is extremely valuable. By receiving feedback about their examination technique and bed-side manner, they have the opportunity to develop their communication skills before having to undertake this for real. The role of a 'Simulated Patient' enables volunteers to help shape the doctors of the future to truly understand how their communication skills can affect the people that they deal with.

Could you help?

This role is unlike any other volunteering opportunity at the ROH. You will be part of a team of volunteers, physios and doctors who will support you in this role. As a simulated patient you will:

  • Have a simple script to follow (you can keep it with you at all times)
  • Describe symptoms and give responses.
  • Allow the student to examine you (you should be willing to wear shorts and t-shirt during the examination)
  • Provide feedback to the student/ the trainer when requested

What's in it for you?

There are lots of great reasons to volunteer.

  • You will be helping train the next generation of doctors
  • You will receive refreshments throughout the day and if you volunteer for 4+ hours, you will receive a free lunch voucher for our restaurant
  • You will be eligible to receive travel expenses for the day you are volunteering
  • You will be in a friendly environment and have the opportunity to meet new people
  • You will have access to exclusive NHS discount

"The SIMS programme was a fantastic part of my training. It really helped me"

Sarah, Medical Student

How does it work

About the volunteering commitment

  • The SIMS programme runs alongside the academic year
  • SIMS sessions happen every other Tuesday and every Friday from 10am – 4pm.
  • You won’t be required for every session
  • We ask that you are available for at least half a day, every other week. (You may be required less than this, but if you have the availability, please do let us know!)
  • You will receive all the training and support you need
  • You will be fully supported by a team of professional and friendly physiotherapists during the sessions

Hear from Bill, SIMS volunteer

My wife had a knee replacement at ROH some years ago, and I saw the wonderful treatment she received and the facilities ROH had to offer, I felt that I should put something back by way of ‘Thank You’.

The ‘family’ friendship is part of life at ROH, from the top surgeon to the floor cleaner; to be part of that family and give something back to the doctors of the future, is a great honour.

If you would like to volunteer please contact our volunteering team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.