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Help the NHS; become a pretend patient! 04 November 2019.

Could you help train the next generation of Doctors?

We're looking for volunteers for our SIMS programme. A 'SIM' is a simulated patient (or a pretend patient) who helps train medical students.

For medical students, the opportunity to practice their examination skills in a safe environment is extremely valuable. By receiving feedback about their examination technique and ‘bed-side manner’, they have the opportunity to develop their communication skills before having to undertake this for real.

The pretend patient volunteer role provides an excellent chance for volunteers to help shape the doctors of the future to truly understand how their communication skills can affect the people that they deal with.

Could you help?
This role is unlike any other volunteering opportunity at the ROH. You will be part of a team of volunteers, physios and Dr’s who will support you in this role. As a simulated patient you will: 

  • Have a simple script to follow (you can keep it with you at all times)
  • Describe symptoms and give physical and emotional responses.
  • Allow the student to examine you (you will always be clothed)  
  • Provide feedback to the student/ the trainer when requested
This is not a big time commitment, just a 2-3 hours every few weeks, but it has such a big impact in how effecitvely we're able to train medical students. 
Find out more
To find out more, please contact Gail Booth Volunteer Co Ordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0121 685 4226.