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Medical Education at ROH receives glowing review

Following a highly successful quality visit on 3 March 2020, the University of Birmingham Medical School asked The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) to continue their 'pursuit of excellence' and to maintain their philosophy of 'perpetual curiosity'.

The University of Birmingham Medical School conducted their bi-annual Undergraduate Medical Education Monitoring Visit on Tuesday 3 March 2020, and the quality report has been received by the Trust this week. The visit to ROH forms part of the University of Birmingham’s routine clinical monitoring visits to Trusts involved in teaching on the MBChB Programme.

ROH should continue their 'pursuit of excellence' and to maintain their philosophy of 'perpetual curiosity'

Feedback from the report

  • The panel was particularly impressed with the demonstrable dedication and enthusiasm towards MBChB education at the Trust. It was apparent that the successful delivery of education and ensuring a positive student experience were shared and well understood priorities that were embedded in organisational culture and values.
  • The Undergraduate Team has developed a mature, meticulously organised and intensive programme which continues to offer an excellent experience for students and is regarded positively by all stakeholders. The administrative team has maintained its enthusiasm to support students during their short term placement and the team’s work is greatly appreciated.
  • The panel specifically acknowledged the contribution of Uzo Ehiogu (Clincial Teaching Fellow) to education, the learning culture and the student education experience.
  • Feedback mechanisms are well used to improve student learning and shape the overall education experience. Students and staff were able to describe numerous examples of how feedback had been disseminated, discussed and acted on.

The Trust received two recommendations to build on an already exemplary programme and environment:

  • Recommendation 1: ROH are asked to explore the full potential of Inter Professional Education (IPE) with a view to further promoting a collaborative learning culture within future student cohorts
  • Recommendation 2: ROH are asked to continue their pursuit of excellence and to maintain their philosophy of ‘perpetual curiosity’ as a means by which to achieve it.
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