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What is the Back to Life Programme?
This is an education and exercised based rehabilitation programme to help you to improve your function and manage your back pain more effectively. Many of these types of programmes are now running around the country and are seen to be the best way to manage persistent back pain. The programmes are run over a period of several weeks and involve you both talking through your back pain and using graded exercise to improve your function.
What does a programme look like?
The programmes are done in small groups, as it is recognised that this often results in better outcomes. There will be exercise sessions, where you can try out activities you may be concerned about and also sit down sessions where you can learn information and new techniques to help manage your back problem.
How often do I need to attend?

The programme runs twice weekly, on a Wednesday from 2.00-4.00pm and on a Friday afternoon from 1pm-2pm and continues over a period of four weeks.

Will it hurt?

The aim of the programme is to help you improve your function. To begin with you may feel more uncomfortable, especially after the first couple of sessions, but this normally improves as you continue.

How to access Back to Life

If your GP or clinician thinks you are suitable to take part in the Back to Life Programme they can refer you to us. We will then send you an appointment. At your first appointment you will see a member of the Back to Life team who will talk with you and discuss whether Back to Life is the optimal recovery programme for you. If your GP or clinician is unaware of Back to Life, please direct them to our website, or share our phone number: 0121 685 4000.

Listen to the Back To Life coordinator
Listen to Back to Life course coordinator Dave Rogers talk about back pain management on the Pain Concern Podcast
Back to Life - the book

A book is available based on this revolutionary and already hugely successful approach, Back to Life offers a whole new way of dealing with back pain: understand the psychology of pain; debunk the myths; find the source of your pain; manage your pain - including all the emotions and anxiety that go with it; master exercises and stretches; identify and solve the social factors; and get lasting relief.