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Our revamped Café Royale is now open!

After lots of hard work, we have opened our refurbished on-site hospital café. With improved accessibility and more healthy food options for staff and patients to enjoy, the team are excited to welcome staff and patients back to Café Royale!

The revamped café now hosts a range of new food options, more seating and an out of hours service.


A self-serve salad bar has a range of healthy options, and new stations for fresh omelettes and pizzas are available.

The layout has been tweaked to support efficiency and accessibility, and there is additional indoor and outdoor seating.

For those staff who work nights, we’ve created an out of hours station and vending area that is open to give a better choice 24/7.

We are encouraging visitors to the café to make choices that are also more mindful of the environment. Our chefs prepare food using local and seasonal ingredients, and visitors are welcome to bring their own containers for food, to cut down on single-use items.