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ROH Preceptorship Programme Achieves National Quality Mark for Nursing

Following a panel review, the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital’s (ROH) preceptorship programme has successfully achieved the National Preceptorship Quality Mark for nursing.

The National Preceptorship Nursing Programme was developed to support newly qualified professionals and give them the best possible start in their careers. The ROH Preceptorship is a multi-professional programme for all newly qualified registered practitioners and all internationally educated recruits. The programme includes all Nursing and Midwifery Council and Health and Care Professional Council registrants.

The 12-month programme supports staff through the duration of their first year and includes self-directed and collaborative workshops during their transition period, covering wellbeing, self-management, managing risk, communication skills, and preparing for the future.  

The programme was developed by Clinical Educator, Sam Scone with the rest of the Clinical Education Team supporting delivery.

Sam Scone, Clinical Educator at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, commented: “After months of hard work, we were delighted to be awarded the National Preceptorship for Nursing Quality Mark, and be accredited for the programme of support we provide to our newly qualified and international practitioners. This shows the Trust’s commitment to supporting staff from the beginning of their career.

“We’ve had such wonderful feedback from participants in the programme but what stands out from all the comments is the value those who go through the programme place on team building and the interactive nature of sessions. It just goes to show how important this programme is for our newly qualified and international recruits and I’m just thrilled we’ve now got the Nursing Quality Mark to show it!”