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Nurse Leaders

Jennifer Pearson

Head of Nursing (Division 2)

Jennifer is Head of Nursing for Division 2. She is also the lead Professional Nurse Advocate and delivers restorative clinical supervision to nurses. She is working on a digital quality initiative focussed on reducing theatre cancellations on the day.  Jennifer is the Midlands Regional Lead for the Chief Nursing Officer Chief Midwifery Officer Strategic Nursing Advisory BME Group advocating for staff contributing to national policy and advisor to the Chief Nurse (England) Ruth May. The group won the HSJ award for staff wellbeing and finalists in Nov 22. for race equality. In that capacity she co designed the nationally acclaimed Developing Aspirant Leadership Program for nurses and midwives’ bands 6-8 after the first cohort 80% participants went on to promotion thus contributing to the talent pipeline in the Midlands. She sits on the Caribbean Nurses and Midwives Committee supporting career progression and staff wellbeing. She is a professional nurse advocate (PNA) training at Master level to deliver Restorative Clinical supervision (RCS) .

She is the winner of the RCN Making a Difference Award 2021for her work involving vaccine uptake in BAME staff and communities following nomination by NHSE/I Midlands and voted BAME Nurse of the Year 2022 in the National Diversity Awards. She has been chosen to be a judge for the Kindness Awards UK Primary School initiative.

She was recognised as a local hero by the Association of Jamaican Nationals and awarded the Mary Seacole 75th NHS Windrush Award in Sept 2023 which was sponsored by Birmingham City University. 

In October 2023 she was named in the list of top 50 most influential health care leader in the HSJ bubbling under category of EDI leaders.