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Public Governor

Rheya Dole

Public Governor

Birmingham and Solihull constituency 

Rheya believes passionately in preserving the NHS, and especially ROH, as a force for improving the life and well-being of our community both at a local level, and the contribution we can make nationally, as a centre of learning, development, and best clinical practice. Rheya is particularly keen to help ensure that the Trust continues to focus on balancing the competing priorities and challenges it faces today, and in the future, whilst safeguarding its principal purpose of providing high quality health care to our community.

Rheya expresses "as a Governor and as a persona, I abide by the seven principles of public life, otherwise known as the Nolan principles – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. In selflessness, I find nobility. In integrity, I find advancement. In objectivity, I inspire. In accountability, I challenge. In openness, I connect. In honesty, I find truth. And in leadership, I’m more than a woman campaigning for the governing of ROH."