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We are always keen to listen to your views. There are a number of ways we regularly collect feedback about our services. Please share your feedback and help us improve our services. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We're listening.

NHS Inpatient Survey 2022

The NHS Inpatient Survey is part of a national programme to improve patients’ experiences while in hospital. Taking part in the survey is voluntary and all answers are confidential. If you are selected to take part, you will receive a questionnaire in the post and text message reminders.

The Friends and Family Test (FFT)

Friends and Family tests (FFT) are an anonymous feedback form used to monitor, assess and improve patient experience.

Where to find them

FFT’s can be found in the department you are visiting or you can ask a member of staff for a copy. The forms are anonymous and once completed you can drop them off in the deposit boxes situated within the department.

What happens to your feedback

The Patient Experience Team or Trust volunteers will collect the feedback forms weekly and separate the compliments, comments and concerns. Any specific comments to staff will be sent to the departments and concerns will be flagged for improvement and actions.

How we report on the data

FFT data is reported on weekly and monthly. The weekly reports are scanned copies of the Friends and Family Test forms and are sent to the relevant departments. They are separated by concerns, compliments and feedback. Monthly, a report table that is divided by department is sent to the senior management team for each speciality. FFT footfall and response rate data is also reported on in the monthly DMB and Quality reports and discussed during the corresponding meetings.

Smiley Face Touchscreens

When you visit, you'll see our Smiley Face Touchscreens around the site. They are a quick way to share how you feel about your visit. Simply touch the screen and select the face which matches your experience. Your feedback gives us a quick way to understand the general mood and experience of our visitors, which means that if lots of people are having a less than positive experience, we can intervene.

Take an experience survey

Please share your feedback with us via an experience survey. Your feedback helps us drive improvement.