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Orthotics is the design, fabrication and fitting of devices that provide external support or assist weak or abnormal joints and/or muscle groups. Musculoskeletal disorders, joint weakness, back problems, or the inability of any joint or muscle group to function correctly, can greatly decrease an individual's quality of life and mobility. These problems can be caused by congenital factors such as cerebral palsy, traumatic injury or chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries and degenerative disease.

What are orthoses?

Orthoses are devices you wear to either to change the way the body part works whilst moving or provide cushioning or support.

Orthoses are used to:

  • Control, guide, limit and/or immobilize an extremity, joint or body segment for a particular reason
  • To restrict movement in a given direction
  • To assist movement generally
  • To reduce weight bearing forces for a particular purpose
  • To aid rehabilitation from fractures after the removal of a cast
  • To otherwise correct the shape and/or function of the body, to provide easier movement capability or reduce pain

The treatment we offer

Our Orthotists work closely within multi disciplinary teams and provide a comprehensive examination and assessment. They prescribe appropriate orthotic treatments which can help increase your mobility and give you more independence.

Some commonly prescribed orthoses include:

  • Foot orthoses for Plantar Fasciitis and foot pain
  • Footwear and total contact insoles for Diabetes
  • Ankle and foot orthoses for Cerebral Palsy, Stroke and multiple sclerosis
  • Knee and ankle foot orthoses for Polio
  • Spinal orthoses for Scoliosis and Osteoporosis