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Sports and Exercise Medicine Clinic

0121 685 4296


The Sports Medicine Clinic at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital specialises in treating problems those with sports-related injuries, or active people. Sports medicine knowledge has expanded hugely over the last few years and conditions seen in this clinic will be managed by an experienced clinician with an expert understanding of the physical and psychological demands of sport.

Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists in sport includes consultants, physiotherapists, radiologists and podiatrists.

Conditions we treat

  • Shoulder pain in physically active people
  • Knee pain related to physical activity (e.g. knee ligament sprains/meniscal pathology/patellofemoral pain/patella tendon pain)
  • Hip and groin pain
  • Muscle injuries
  • Activity-related tendons problems (e.g. achilles, knee, wrists)
  • Ankle ligament sprains
  • Ankle pain in physically active people
  • Exertional lower leg pain ('shin splints')
  • Sport-related back pain
  • Bone stress injuries
  • Recurrent athletic injuries

Common Procedures

We are able to offer a broad range treatments including:

  • Biomechanical and gait assessment
  • Imaging (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT)
  • Specialist injection therapy
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Orthotic
  • Surgery

Who should use this service?

Whether your aim is to return to elite sport, recreational sport or simple regular physical activity, such as walking, our holistic and comprehensive team of experts will ensure that you receive the best, up-to-date treatment. 

How to access this service

Please ask your GP to refer you to our service. Our service is listed as 'Sports Injury Clinic' in the NHS Choose and Book system.