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  • Cultural heritage: Indian

  • Role: Medical Secretary

“I am a proud Hindu, and love celebrating my culture”

Anita, a dedicated Medical Secretary with Indian heritage, brings a strong sense of purpose to her role at ROH. Working for the NHS is more than just a job for her; it's a chance to contribute to what she describes as “one of the most valuable services in the world” that impacts lives every day.

Her experience at ROH has been positive. She values the hospital's friendly atmosphere and its commitment to both colleagues and patients. In this environment, Anita feels respected and aligned with the hospital's core values. Whether guiding patients or collaborating with team members, she finds fulfilment and purpose in her contributions.

Proud of her Indian roots, Anita enjoys regularly sharing aspects of her culture with colleagues.

For this exhibition, she confidently showcases her traditional Gujarati style sari and jewellery, proudly reflecting her heritage. From the graceful Tilak/Chandlo Sindhoor on her forehead to the symbolic Raksha Sutra tied around her wrist, her cultural identity shines through.

Anita serves as a reminder of the diverse backgrounds that enrich the community at ROH, embodying the values of inclusion and respect.