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Many Cultures. One ROH.

About this exhibition

Since its inception in 1948, the NHS has always relied upon people from across the world. Our modern NHS is a tapestry of different cultural heritages, a mix of people who work with the same shared goal of providing high-quality, compassionate care.

This exhibition is, first and foremost, a celebration of culture at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. Our Trust is comprised of people from different places, with different stories. This rich mix of culture is worth celebrating because we want our team to bring their authentic selves to work. Authenticity means being true to who you are, being true to where you come from and what you believe.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to learn.

The stories shared by the participants in this exhibition illuminate the experience of what it means to live in the minority. When a person is in the minority, their heritage and artifacts, their stories and traditions become even more significant - a way to stay connected with what makes them authentically themself.

The participants in this exhibition have different heritages. Each person brought something of significance from their culture and shared it. The result is a wonderful set of portraits which show the professional in their uniform and the individual in their cultural dress - the same person given the opportunity to be overtly and unapologetically themselves.

As you view this exhibition and read the participants stories, we hope you’ll get a sense of who they are and the significance of what they have shared. The aim of this exhibition is to celebrate our diversity and in doing so, strengthen our team.

About the Multi Minority Ethnic Group (MMEG)

The idea for this exhibition emerged in the Multi Minority Ethnic Group (MMEG).

The aim of the MMEG network is to provide a space for people with minority ethnic heritage to connect, collaborate, tackle issues and support the Trust to be more inclusive.

The work of MMEG has informed the organisational development of The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital from recruitment and career progression, to tackling stigma, awareness-raising and accelerating positive change.