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  • Cultural heritage: Jamaica

  • Role: Safeguarding Assistant

“I can be an administrator anywhere, but ROH is where I choose to be. I feel at home here.”

Meet Antonette, a dedicated Safeguarding Administrator with roots that extend from Kingston to St.Mary in Jamaica. While she has lived in the UK for several years, it’s at ROH that she has settled professionally.

What sets ROH apart for Antonette is the light atmosphere and welcoming environment with colleagues who make her feel comfortable and encourage her to speak freely.

Antonette’s love for Jamaica shines through in her attire. Whether she’s donning the vibrant colours of the Jamaican flag or wearing outfits proudly displaying ‘JAMAICA’, there’s no mistaking where her heart truly belongs. She considers it a privilege to share her Jamaican heritage with others through things like her clothing as well as her bespoke Ludo board making.

At ROH, Antonette finds a supportive community that encourages her to be herself. This makes all the difference in her professional journey.