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  • Cultural heritage: Seychelles

  • Role: Theatre Team Leader

“I feel at home wearing this outfit – it’s my first time wearing it in the UK!”

Meet Barbara, a dedicated colleague at ROH for over two decades, originally hailing from the picturesque Seychelles. She currently works as a Theatre Team Leader and is proud of the long service award she recently received at the Trust. Having previously worked at another UK hospital, Barbara finds ROH uniquely warm and committed to nurturing staff growth.

She proudly dons a traditional Seychellois outfit, a Kazak (blouse) and Penwar (skirt) made by her school friend back home in the Seychelles. Both the blouse and the outer skirt match and are adorned with vibrant colours with floral patterns, taking inspiration from the plants and flowers on the island. It is believed this style of dress took influence from European costumes during the nation’s colonial era.

The attire is a living embodiment of Seychelles’ rich culture. Her earrings, delicately fashioned from shells, evoke the soothing sounds of Seychelles’ shores.