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  • Cultural heritage: Ghana

  • Role: Healthcare Assistant

“I love being part of the MMEG staff network. it’s an honour to be part of this exhibition celebrating my culture and celebrating ROH.”

Eunice is a dedicated Healthcare Assistant who has worked at ROH since 2021. She finds immense fulfilment in caring for patients, playing a vital role in their journeys at the hospital. Her commitment and compassion is clear to all who come into contact with her.

An active member of staff networks, Eunice regularly attends Multi Minority Ethnic Group (MMEG) meetings, where her contributions to discussions and activities make a meaningful impact. During difficult times she has felt supported by the group and the wider ROH community.

Representing her beloved homeland of Ghana, Eunice wears a Ghana textile print dress. The designs, fabrics, and patterns of these garments aren’t random; they carry centuries of knowledge and tradition. They are sometimes used as a way of non-verbal communication due to their meanings which can symbolise anything from a tribe, marriage, or social status of the wearer. Eunice feels proud and connected to her roots when she wears it. “The vibrant colours make me feel happy”, she says.