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  • Cultural heritage: Romania

  • Role: Macmillan Nurse

“I feel at home and connected to my culture when I wear my ia” 

A former Nurse of the Year winner at the ROH Blue Heart Awards, Gabriela is a member of the Macmillan team and joined ROH in 2020. Her story embodies the inclusive spirit that defines our organisation, where authenticity is not just accepted but celebrated.

Gabriela takes immense pride in her role, providing invaluable support to patients during some of the most challenging moments of their lives. She considers ROH a special place, a sentiment that resonates with many who understand the importance of compassionate care.

Born and raised in Romania, Gabriela brings with her a rich cultural heritage deeply rooted in handmade clothing for special occasions and the vibrant celebration of national traditions.

When she adorns herself with clothing from Romania here in the UK, it’s more than just fashion—it’s a profound connection to her culture and heritage. It’s a reminder of her roots, and the warm sense of community in Romania. The intricate embroidery and traditional patterns on her Romanian blouse, known as ‘ia’, hold a unique place in her heart.