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  • Cultural heritage: St Kitts and Nevis & Jamaica

  • Role: IT Technical Projects Support Officer

“Being part of this photo exhibition is a celebration of my diverse roots.” 

Meet Rachel, a dedicated IT Technical Project Support Officer who joined ROH in 2020. She embodies the essence of authenticity and cultural pride.

Born and raised in Bilston, Wolverhampton, with the vibrant and diverse Caribbean heritage of St. Kitts & Nevis and Jamaica, Rachel seamlessly weaves her cultural heritage into her everyday life. For this exhibition she proudly displays the flags of both nations, symbolising her deep connection to her family’s roots. For Rachel, it’s a way to honour and unite both sides of her heritage, as family is at the core of her identity.

Details like her elegant black head wrap and ‘Queen’ earrings in red, green, and yellow offer a glimpse into her rich culture. These elements showcase how she blends her cultural heritage with her professional life. Our hospital thrives on the strength of our collective cultures, and Rachel exemplifies the spirit of unity and pride.