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Beyond the Stigma: an exhibition of stories about seen and hidden disability

Eight people from the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital took part in a project to share their experience of disability to help others see beyond the stigma.

Disability can be difficult to define. It can be obvious or hidden, short-term or life-long. Disability can affect people in different ways and can challenge who we were and who we are. Seeing beyond the stigma is an exhibition about people at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and their experiences of disability, both visible and unseen. Every story is different but there is a common thread between them all; the need to be kind, the need to see the individual beyond the disability and the importance of taking the time to understand. This exhibition is intended to explore the impact of disability and promote a culture of openness, respect and compassion.


About The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

As a values-based organisation with a commitment to inclusion and wellbeing and an employer of circa 1,500 people, it is a priority that we support people with visible and unseen disabilities. The work of our Disability Network is helping to drive change and ensure people are open about their needs and can access support. If you would like to find out more about the work of the Disability Network, as well as other initiatives at the Trust to support people with disabilities, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

About WDES

This exhibition was funded by the NHS Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) Innovation Fund. The WDES is helping to inform year-on-year improvements in reducing barriers, driving changes in attitudes, increasing employment and career opportunities, and implementing long-lasting change for disabled people. More information about the WDES can be found on NHS England's Equality Hub.