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ROH celebrates World Pharmacists Day 2023

September 25th marks World Pharmacists Day each year – for 2023 the focus will be on ‘Pharmacy strengthening health systems’. Pharmacy is essential for access to health, a safe supply chain and the responsible use of medicines. With the challenges presented during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact afterwards, pharmacy plays a key role in helping ensure health systems are able to meet future needs.

At the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, we have a team of 30 pharmacists and technicians, all in a variety of roles. From pharmacy assistants and pharmacy technicians to Pharmacists, Lead Pharmacists and our Chief Pharmacist, there are many different career pathways here at ROH.

We asked some of our team why they love working in Pharmacy here at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital:


Sulthana Begum, Chief Pharmacist

I love working in pharmacy at the ROH because we’re constantly learning and looking at ways to improve our processes and outcomes for patients. We’re such a diverse team, there’s always a new idea or angle to explore and no two days are quite the same. Sulthana tells us more about why she loves work in pharmacy in the video below: 


Desara Ismaili

Cross Sector Student Pharmacy Technician

I love working in pharmacy at ROH because it’s a support network here, lots of opportunities to progress and I’ve been able to really think about the kind of technician I want to become – patient care comes first and that’s really important to me.


Hasan Yousaf

Foundation Year Trainee Pharmacist

I love working in pharmacy at ROH because it’s a very friendly, well-knit community. I can put my clinical knowledge into regular use here and be more responsive to patient needs in a hospital environment.


Marta Nabiloo

Pharmacy Technician

I love working in pharmacy at ROH because it’s a friendly environment and I’ve had the chance to develop my career - as a mature student I’ve retrained as a pharmacy technician and I have a clear pathway to progress here.  Watch Marta's video for more on why she chose a career in pharmacy: 


Hassan Inayat

Lead Pharmacist

I love working in pharmacy at ROH because you have the chance to engage with more patients in a hospital setting, and being a smaller Trust everyone knows each other and there are more opportunities to expand your horizons. Hear more from Hassan in his video below: 


Gulshada Begum, Lead Antimicrobial Pharmacist

I love working in pharmacy at ROH because it’s a smaller Trust so there are more opportunities to develop. Pharmacy gave me the chance to focus on medicine and science in a space that is always changing, especially focusing on antimicrobial pharmacy as with new bacteria and resistance there’s a need for new medicines and ongoing need for advice in antimicrobial stewardship.


We are currently recruiting for new team members to join Pharmacy including a Foundation Pharmacist (B6) and a Senior Pharmacist for Clinical Governance (8a). For further information please visit Vacancies |