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ROH at College Green

Health and Wellbeing Centre
1 Bristol Rd South,
B31 2GH

0121 728 9442
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We’re investing over £3.5m to bring a new, fully accessible, physiotherapy department and gym to College Green in Bournville: ROH at College Green.

Outpatient physiotherapy and podiatry services are relocated, the brand new gym hosts specialist equipment and a paediatric space supports our younger patients.

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Our new site

The 3.5m investment will transform the service offered to our physiotherapy patients by our team, and the site in the community will provide easier access for patients.

Opening to patients on 3 April 2023, the building will provide state of the art equipment, a purpose built and spacious physiotherapy gym, and 16 new treatment rooms of which two are dedicated for children and young people.

We have worked closely with our Dementia and learning disability teams and have designed the new spaces to be dementia friendly. There is a dementia-supportive waiting room, and patients will be able to use the AccessAble service to plan their visit before their appointment.

As part of the College Green development, there are GP services located in the same building.

Planning permission and £3.5m of funding was granted for the relocation and development of our Physiotherapy service, moving from the hospital site to a new home in the community which is easier for patients to access.

Construction work started in 2022 and is due to complete in spring 2023.

When the centre opens, at least 25 dedicated staff in the Therapy department will work at ROH at College Green, from Consultants and Senior Physiotherapists to team leaders.



Offering state of the art facilities for staff and patients, ROH at College Green will provide space for a range of services.

Over £25,000 has been invested in equipment for the physiotherapy gym and treatment rooms.

Hydrotherapy and oncology appointments will continue to be provided at the main Royal Orthopaedic Hospital site.

The new department will contain:

  • Purpose built physiotherapy gym for classes and individual treatments
  • 16 treatment rooms
  • Two treatment rooms dedicated for children and young people
  • Baby change facilities and two accessible bathrooms
  • Lift access from the ground floor
  • Changing room and 16 lockers for patients
  • Large, comfortable waiting areas with patient entertainment systems and self-check in.

Facilities for physiotherapy colleagues include

  • Staff room
  • Office with capacity for four admin staff
  • Two staff changing rooms

Frequently asked questions

Why is the physiotherapy department relocating?

We are relocating our Physiotherapy department and upgrading facilities available for patients.

This means we can provide care to patients away from the main hospital site in the community, which also allows the older space at the main hospital site to be redeveloped.

Where will the new department be located?

ROH at College Green is a short walk or drive down the Bristol Road, away from the main hospital site.

You can find the department located on the third floor of College Green, and is accessible by lift. 

The address is:

Health and Wellbeing Centre

1 Bristol Rd South,


B31 2GH

When will the new department open?

The new department will officially open to patients in Spring 2023.

I have an appointment coming up, will this be affected?

Patients with appointments will be contacted by the Physiotherapies bookings team. The team will provide you with all of the details regarding your appointment, including the location and time.

Please note that Oncology patients and patients accessing the Hydrotherapy service will remain on the main ROH site. If you have any questions please contact the booking team directly. 

What about car parking?

There is parking onsite at the health and wellbeing centre.

I use patient transport, and my appointments will now be at ROH at College Green. Do I need to do anything?

The bookings team will be in contact with you and organise transport to the correct department.

I use public transport, how do I get to the new department for my appointment?

ROH at College Green is located on the Bristol Road.

For information on possible routes for travelling by bus, train or metro, please visit the Network West Midlands Journey Planner.

Will the new department have accessible features?

Yes, there are two lifts and wheelchair accessible doors in the new department.

There are dedicated spaces for wheelchair users in the waiting room, as well as other spaces within the paediatric and adult waiting areas.

The AccessAble portal will host further details on accessing the building.

What facilities will be in the waiting room?

There will be televisions in the waiting area and two accessible bathrooms.

You will also be able to leave patient feedback via iPads.

Will there be any new roles or job opportunities at the new site?

We aren’t currently recruiting any new roles at this time.

If roles become available, they will be advertised via the NHS Jobs website.

What staff will be based at the new site?

The physiotherapy administration and booking teams will be based at the new site, as well as consultants, Senior Physiotherapists, team leaders and management.

Get in touch

If you would like to contact the Physiotherapy team please call 0121 728 9442. 

If you have any questions regarding the development project, please email Dominique Campbell, Project Lead: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..