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Patient initiated follow-up (PIFU)

We’re changing the way we deliver outpatient care to better suit you. 

We’re putting you in control and giving you more choice over how and when you access your care so it’s easier and more convenient to receive specialist care in a way that better suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Many patients with long term conditions, or following hospital treatment, do not always need follow-up appointments at routine intervals.

Instead, some patients will be offered ‘patient initiated follow-up’ appointments (PIFU for short). This is where you can arrange a follow-up appointment as and when you need it, for instance when your symptoms flare up or if your circumstances change.

This means you avoid unnecessary appointments, saving you time, money and stress and means better access to follow-up care when you do need it.

If PIFU is available and suitable for you, the healthcare professional responsible for your care will discuss this option with you and if you are happy, they will ask you to arrange your appointments in this way in future.

If you think PIFU might work for you, ask us about it at your next appointment with us.


How does it work?

Your healthcare professional will discuss with you the symptoms to look out for that would mean you should make an appointment and how to contact the service if you need to. You will get the chance to discuss any concerns you might have. Depending on your condition, this might replace your routine follow-ups that you might have had in the past.

You will also be told whether your PIFU has an end date. If you think you need to be seen again after that date, you will need a new referral.


How do I book an appointment?

It is quick and easy to book an appointment when you need one. To do so, you should contact us using the contact details provided to you by the healthcare professional responsible for your care.

If you have lost these details, do not worry, you can telephone us on 0121 752 1673 (lines open 8am-6pm) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and a member of the team will assist you.

To arrange a PIFU appointment you must: 
• Have agreed with the healthcare professional responsible for your care that PIFU is appropriate for you and have been given the relevant information confirming you are on the PIFU pathway.
• Contact us within the timeframe advised by your healthcare professional.

Click here to watch a video about patient initiated follow ups