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A guide to hand hygiene

Why is it important?

Hand hygiene prevents the spread of germs from humans and the environment to vulnerable people. It is a simple and effective measure to protect yourself and others. 

Where can I clean my hands?

  • Soap and water is available in every bay and single room. These are designated as hand wash basins and should not have any other liquids poured down them, including drinks.
  • Hand sanitiser is available on entry to all wards and departments. It is also available at every bed space.
  • Hand wipes are given out to all patients at mealtimes. If you would like more hand wipes or require help to clean your hands, please ask a member of staff. 

When should I clean my hands?

  • It is important to clean your hands before touching your face, eating and drinking and taking any medication.
  • It is also essential to clean your hands after using the toilet. If you have a catheter or medical device such as a cannula, it is important to clean your hands before and after touching it.

What should I clean my hands with?

You can use either soap and water or hand sanitiser. However, after you use the toilet, especially if you are experiencing loose stools or if your hands are visibly dirty, it is recommended that you use soap and water only.

Who should clean their hands?

Everyone. You can expect the team caring for you to clean their hands before and after coming to see you. It is fine to ask them if they have done this.  Visitors, patients, and staff should clean their hands before entering a clinical area.

How should I clean my hands?

There are posters showing how to clean your hands near the soap and sanitiser dispensers. If you need help, please ask a member of staff.

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