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ROH Patient Stories - Meet Diana

Diana is no stranger to osteoarthritis. Suffering for years with the impact of the condition, she had both hips replaced at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in 2017 and 2018, and returned to the ROH in 2023 this time for her left knee.

Her osteoarthritis had affected her knee for many years, and in recent years her condition worsened. As a venue finder in the hospitality industry, Diana is used to being on her feet, travelling around the country, but the arthritis in her knee had got so bad she was almost housebound. She couldn’t walk a distance, and stairs were really painful. She had to adapt how she worked too, doing what she could from home.

“My GP’s husband had been treated at the ROH, and had a good experience so referred me here. As I’d already had two successful hip replacements at the hospital, it was a no brainer to be seen by the ROH.”

As Diana was suffering from constant pain, and the knee had become so damaged from the arthritis, a knee replacement was recommended by her consultant, Mr  Yuvraj Agrawal.

Preparing for a Total Knee Replacement

Preparation is key for surgery, you want to be as healthy as you can be going in for treatment to help with your recovery. There are some small things you can do, with your lifestyle and habits can have a really positive impact whilst you wait for treatment. Keeping your alcohol intake low, stopping smoking, managing your weight and keeping moving within the limits of your pain are all good ways to improve your health. Diana took this on board fully and shared her tips with us.

I decided to be really careful with my diet, I’d upped my water and cut out alcohol completely the two weeks before my surgery. Hydration was a big focus for me and I’m so glad I did that. I also spoke to a friend who recommended I join a Facebook group which turned out to be really helpful in getting additional information and helpful tips from others who’ve had a knee replacement.”

Diana is now three months post-op and is enjoying getting back to doing the things she loves – she’s able to drive again now and can go on walks alongside her Yugoslavian Shepherd dog. He’s roughly 33kg so it will be a while before she can be pulled by him on a lead!  Diana is ahead of schedule according to the physio team, regularly doing the post-surgery exercises she was prescribed. Now that her knee is recovering, Diana is looking forward to travelling and getting back to her life with less pain and more independence.

“Everyone’s been fabulous the minute I walked through the doors of the hospital before my surgery and the care has been superb. My consultant was really empathetic, he covered everything I’d need to know and answered all my questions. I’ve been so impressed and want to thank everyone, the nurses, reception, the physio team, everyone’s been so wonderful and they really treat with you dignity, respect and compassion.”

We asked Diana if she could give one piece of advice to other patients about to receive a total knee replacement. She talked to us about the importance of having support around you, and some unexpected emotions you might feel.

“I’m normally a very positive person but I was taken aback by how emotional I felt afterwards. It is a big procedure and you may need more help than you usually do with simple things. I’m absolutely fine now, but I just didn’t expect it. I spoke to a few people who have had the procedure done in the past and many had said the same that they felt upset in the weeks after their surgery. It’s really common, so I’d suggest to anyone getting a knee replacement to make sure they read up about how they may have different emotions after their treatment so they’re aware.” 

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